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Lenovo Motorola moto one macro tethering issue

There seems to be a Lenovo Motorola moto one macro tethering issue if you are tethering multiple windows 10 pcs running virtualbox with multiple vms bridged over wifi.

Whilst bridging your vms means the moto will only see one mac address for both the vm host and vm guest i was surprised to see moto DHCP duplicating IP addresses across hosts.

Workaround tether your moto to a wifi router / extender (such as a NETGEAR PR2000) that has DHCP and then connect pc’s and vm’s to that .

Screenshot_2020-03-30 NETGEAR Router PR2000.png

What is Wi-Fi 6E ?

Why not watch the extremenetworks webinar

to find out about WiFi 6E

  • new superhighway for congestion-free traffic management (unlocked 6 GHz channels)
  • experience improvements for users
  • more bandwidth, wider channels & cleaner spectrum
  • performance benefits, including for high-density environments more flexibility & reduced interference in channel planning


how to transfer your mobile number to three and use london underground wifi

how to transfer your mobile number to three and use london underground wifi

setup a three mobile tube password then

When you’re next in a London Underground station with Wi-Fi:

Turn on Wi-Fi on your device.

Search for Virgin Media WiFi from the available connections and connect to it.
On the Virgin Media page that opens in your browser, go to the Other providers dropdown and select Three.

Enter your Three number and the password you chose, then select Register.

You’ll now be able to connect to Wi-Fi in London Underground stations. Your device will remember your details in future, so you’ll automatically connect next time you’re at a participating underground station.




it turns out the older (and less secure) standards are

  • WPA
  • TKIP

and that the newer (and more secure) standards are

  • WPA2
  • AES

so use WPA2+AES as the best choice if it is available on your mobile for tethering or mifi

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the first rule of #bluetooth and #wi-fi are they dont work

the first rule of #bluetooth and #wi-fi are they dont work


  • devices will only pair 50% of the time


  • auto channel option is NOT it is random channel
  • when would you ever NOT want to split your 2.4G and 5.0G SSIDs ?
  • @tenda why do you not even give us an option to split SSID like @vodafone do
  • @google #chromecast why do you AUTO chose to transmit on SAME channel as home wi-fi thus killing all wi-fi devices in the same room
  • wi-fi repeaters NEVER work they often make network worse (think about it they are doubling / repeating the wi-fi traffic so are going to be at least 50% slower)

however perhaps someone can correct me on how wi-fi repeaters work

wifi the way it should be with gg wifi extra

if you have a giffgaff mobile be sure to install the giffgaff app and giffgaff wifi extra profile

gg wifi extra is amazing “its not just wifi its gg wifi”

its what wifi should have always been ie its a auto config and auto connect wifi that connects in mcdonalds AND the london underground with no user intervention

FON is being attacked on all three sides – by @BT, @VirginMedia as well as by itself #broadband #wifi #fail #ripoff

FON is being attacked on all three sides – by @BT, @VirginMedia as well as itself #broadband #wifi #fail

  • BT announced it will drop the word FON from all its hotspots by the end of the year
  • VirginMedia have announced everyones router will be PUBLICALLY enabled unless you OPT OUT by the end of this year
  • FON have CANCELLED all end user contracts and sales and support and now only deal with telcos

FON is refusing to refund ANY of its old customers sayings its T&Cs allow them to do this.

If you DONT want to share your your VirginMedia router you need to

  • TURN IT OFF immediately
  • call the VirgiaMedia OPTOUT team
  • WAIT 7 days

a workaround may be to switch your router into modem mode and BUY your own wifi router but it all depends on what the proprietary secret VIrginMedia router firmware actually does