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What is Wi-Fi 6E ?

Why not watch the extremenetworks webinar

to find out about WiFi 6E

  • new superhighway for congestion-free traffic management (unlocked 6 GHz channels)
  • experience improvements for users
  • more bandwidth, wider channels & cleaner spectrum
  • performance benefits, including for high-density environments more flexibility & reduced interference in channel planning


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todays @three @huawei B311 Wireless Router #homefi #mifi #wifi deals

  • 1 month lock in 40G £60 upfront then £24
  • 12 months lock in 40G £0 upfront then £24
  • 24 months lock in 40G £0 upfront then £23

and for the next 2 days only

  • 24 months lock in UNLIMITED £0 upfront then £22


some alternatives and replacements for m$ skype

here is a shortlist of some of the many alternatives and replacements that are available for m$ skype

“all-in-one” mobile solutions

fring + 4 way video over 3G
tango + video over 3G

viber android and ios voip app

voip sip mobile softphones

android 2.3.4 + built-in – wifi only
sipdroid + works over wifi and 3g

voip sip service providers

callcentric + free inum
ekiga + free STUN server
euteliavoip + free uk numbers
gradwell + smb & sme focused
ovh + just £1/m uk 01 or 02 number and unlimited uk 01 and 02 calls
sipgate + free uk 01 or 02 number
voipalot + clients for androids, mobiles, symbians and pc clients
voipbuster + clients for mobiles and pcs
voipfone + £1/m for uk 01 or 02 number

voip sip pc softphones

ekiga + floss
linphone + floss
twinkle + floss
CounterPath X-lite + mac and pc clients

PeekFON GPRS email

PeekFON is a complementary service to FON WiFi but it is not (yet) a WiFi product.

It is a GPRS mobile device that makes sure you get the most important piece of messaging, your email. Perfect for those moments when you can’t find WiFi.