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use a google home speaker to make voip calls

you will soon be able to use a google home speaker to make voip calls to google customers



the goog voice #voip telephone service has been updated

the goog voice voip telephone service has been updated and

has moved to

If you havent used your account for over 5 years under US law goog will have to give your credit to the US government (the State of Delaware if you are outside the US) so check your account today !

Companies in the US are obliged to give assets that they believe are abandoned to US state governments. The appropriate state government is the state where you’ve told us you reside. If you reside outside the US, then the state of Delaware, our state of incorporation, is the appropriate state government.

However the new google voice client doesnt currently work with mozilla firefox or ms edge browsers


sipgate now offer uk #voip #sip tel numbers with no contract or monthly fee

sipgate now offer uk #voip #sip telelphone numbers with no contract or monthly fee

then login to

to get the SIPID and SIPPASSWORD settings for your voip phone

then call the following numbers for free to test your phone’s configuration:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020
  • 50000 (sipgate voicemail)