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is @virginmobile switching from @EE to @O2 or @vodafone ?

is virginmobile switching from @EE to @O2 or @vodafone ? confused ? you should be

apparently @virginmobile signed a deal with @vodafone for 2021 to 2026 but they have just announced they will merge with @o2 !

so potentially they will run two MVNOs with old customers moved to @vodafone and new customers setup on @o2


if it’s not @three, it’s not real #5G ! @mmc @ofcom @oftel @ee @o2 @vodafone #mobile #broadband

if it’s not @three, it’s not real #5G ! @mmc @ofcom @oftel noone else has “a 100MHz contiguous block of 5G spectrum”

why was this allowed to happen ?

seems totally unfair to EE, O2 & Vodafone 😦

the first rule of #bluetooth and #wi-fi are they dont work

the first rule of #bluetooth and #wi-fi are they dont work


  • devices will only pair 50% of the time


  • auto channel option is NOT it is random channel
  • when would you ever NOT want to split your 2.4G and 5.0G SSIDs ?
  • @tenda why do you not even give us an option to split SSID like @vodafone do
  • @google #chromecast why do you AUTO chose to transmit on SAME channel as home wi-fi thus killing all wi-fi devices in the same room
  • wi-fi repeaters NEVER work they often make network worse (think about it they are doubling / repeating the wi-fi traffic so are going to be at least 50% slower)

however perhaps someone can correct me on how wi-fi repeaters work