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TPO @tpomobile @thepeoplesoperator the UK mobile network that gives you £5 cashback and 10% to charity

TPO the @tpomobile @thepeoplesoperator MVNO UK mobile network that gives 10% to charity and runs over the EE network

Wikipedia’s founder thinks that The People’s Operator (TPO), a British mobile-phone company, both makes business sense and can raise a lot of money for good causes. On January 20th, at DLD, a technology conference in Munich, Mr Wales said that he would join TPO as its co-chairman.

UK Telephone Number Charges gotchas

UK Telephone Number Charges gotchas

Normal (!) and included in any landline or mobile inclusive mins

  • 01 typ 5p/min
  • 02 typ 5p/min

Supposed to be included in any landline or mobile inclusive mins

  • 03 typ 5p/min

Supposed to be free

  • 080 typ 0p/min


  • 05 was 0p/min
  • 084 was 5p/min
  • 087 was 20p/min

Mobile normally included in mobile inclusive mins

  • 07[4-9] typ 25p/min

Expensive (so try and avoid)

  • 07[0-3] typ £1/min
  • 09 typ £5/min

some more info about the UKs first almost #free 3G #VOIP #mobile network from @freedompop

Here’s some more info about the UKs first almost free 3G VOIP mobile network from freedompop

IT REALLY IS VOIP based and ONLY works if you have 3G network data connectivity and ONLY works on modern android and iphone smartphones and ONLY gives you 200 min and 200M free each month.

However you can PAY for extras such as

  • £2/m extra to make GSM calls
  • £1/m extra for voicemail
  • £1.50/m extra to roll over unused data to following month
  • £1/m extra for SMS usagewarnings

or you can always buy the £9/m bundle (but it would no longer be FREE) which includes

  • 1000 minutes
  • 1000 texts
  • 1GB data
  • GSM calls

If you do sign up to avoid paying monthly fees you must immediately disable default extras by going to http://www.freedompop.com/acct_plan.htm and chosing the BASIC plan.

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VOIP prices from mobile or landline

nomi-mobile let you make international calls from your mobile and home phone at near VOIP prices !

Just replace your UK SIM with a £5 nomi SIM then buy a top-up (from any of the outlets below) and start making calls to other UK mobiles/landlines/etc @ 13p/min or to International destinations (for example calls to Turkey are only 5p min). You can also pre-dial the UK access number 080 0008 6805 from a UK landline and pay even lower prices ! There’s even a charity version of the SIM available !