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AsteriskNow & TrixBox on VMware fusion

Howto install AsteriskNow & TrixBox as MAC OS/X VMware fusion virtual machines / software appliances

First DO NOT choose RedHat at your guest OS or your VOIP PBX VM wont recognise the VMware SCSI disk ! You must choose RHEL5 as your guest OS so that scsi0.virtualDev = “lsilogic” is added to your guest VMX file. There’s the danger of Wizards for you !

Both AsteriskNow and Trixbox are based on CentOS 5 with linux kernel 2.6.18.

AsteriskNow has a GUI installer so you can replace the default LVM partitions with standard linux partitions if you wish.

TrixBox has a TEXT installer.

trixbox CE 2.2

trixbox CE is an open telephony platform that combines the best of the open source telephony tools into one easy-to-install package. Based on an enhanced LAAMP (an open source bundle of Linux®, Apache™, Asterisk®, mySQL®, and PHP), the trixbox® dashboard provides easy to use, Web-based interfaces to setup, manage, maintain, and support a complete IP-PBX system.

trixbox CE can be downloaded from http://www.trixbox.org/downloads and is based off of:

  • CentOS 5.1 kernel
  • Asterisk 1.4
  • FreePBX 2.3
  • Web MeetMe 3

TalkinIP PAYG dial out outbound

TalkinIP enables you to make calls to locations worldwide at the absolute lowest rates.


You can use software on your computer or a SIP enabled device  (Asterisk, Trixbox, SIP Gateways, IAD, IP PBX) to place calls using the internet.


TalkinIP provides you outbound calling to US from 1.5 cents per minute and service to over 227 countries at very competitive international rates. 


Get started for as little as $15 prepaid credit. Your credit will never expire, so you can make calls next week or next year.


They even have howto setup documents  for PBXs and softphones

trixbox HUDlite dialer and presence viewer

trixbox  HUDlite is the most powerful desktop telephony convergence application available for trixbox PBX systems. HUDlite allows you to instantly see the status of all of the extensions within your organization, dial extensions by double clicking on them, and communicate efficiently with instant messaging.



# help-aah Commands Descriptions
config set the local time zone and keyboard type
netconfig configure ethernet interface
genzaptelconf autoconfig Zaptel cards
bundle-crm packup CRM to run on another box
restore-aah restore from a backup
install-ZAPHFC install HFC ISDN support using BRISTUFF
install-AVMB1ISDN install support for AVB B1 ISDN card
install-EiconDiva install support for Eicon Diva ISDN card
install-pdf installs support for emailing PDFs of faxes
passwd-maint set master password for web GUI
passwd-amp set password for amp only
passwd-meetme set password for Web MeetMe only
passwd set root password for console login
passwd admin set admin password for checking system mail
setup-cisco create a SIPDefault.cnf in /tftpboot
setup-dhcp set up a dhcp server
rebuild_zaptel rebuild zaptel driver after kernel update
asterisk -r Asterisk CLI
yum -y update Get latest patches for CentOS