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Lenovo Motorola moto one macro tethering issue

There seems to be a Lenovo Motorola moto one macro tethering issue if you are tethering multiple windows 10 pcs running virtualbox with multiple vms bridged over wifi.

Whilst bridging your vms means the moto will only see one mac address for both the vm host and vm guest i was surprised to see moto DHCP duplicating IP addresses across hosts.

Workaround tether your moto to a wifi router / extender (such as a NETGEAR PR2000) that has DHCP and then connect pc’s and vm’s to that .

Screenshot_2020-03-30 NETGEAR Router PR2000.png

Apple iPhone MD298B/A tethering is being DISABLED by certain SIM cards #bizarre #bug

Apple MD298B/A tethering is being DISABLED /HIDDEN by certain SIM cards such as a VectoneMobile SIM card #bizarre #bug


FOR OTHER SIMS with mobile APN problems try

vectone mobile payg sim and huawei honor phones

i seem to have come across a bizarre bug with vectone mobile payg sims and a Huawei HONOR  KIW-L21 phone

first it has 2 sim slots and if you read the small print slot 1 only runs 2G and slot 2 can run 2G/3G/4G

so what i think happened is i put my vectone sim in slot 1 first which seems to have disabled data on the HONOR phone (and make tethering invisible when it is inserted into an iphone) but everything works fine when i put it in a MI


  • my primary giffgaff sim in my HONOR
  • my backup giffgaff sim is in my IPHONE
  • my vectone sim is in my MI


Is 2000 min & 9G data for £18 #TGTBT ? YES they will disconnect you when tethering

Is the LycaMobile 2000 min & 9G data for £18 offer too good to be true ? Unfortunately YES they will disconnect you when tethering !


…Lycamobile reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the offer or to disconnect you if we suspect that offer is being used for commercial purposes, for conferencing, or if it is not being used in a handset (in a SIM box for example), if it is being used for tethering…

If you are not tethering then you may want to buy it !


For PAYG deals that DO allow tethering check out