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Linphone 3.1.0

The Linphone-3.1.0 SIP softphone is finally out, bringing its bunch of improvements and new features including :

  • linphone can now send large video pictures: up to SVGA, configurable via the user interface
  • automatic rescaling of the video windows to the video size of incoming stream
  • improved webcam support on windows (should work with all webcams)
  • plenty of user interface cosmetic improvements

EuteliaVoip SIP settings

EuteliaVoip SIP settings

Domain:    voip.eutelia.it
Sip Proxy Server:    voip.eutelia.it
Sip Proxy Socket:    5060
Stun Server:   stun.voip.eutelia.it
Stun Server Socket:    3478

Registrar:  voip.eutelia.it
User:  EuteliaVoip Telephone Number
Password:  EuteliaVoip Telephone Number Password
Authentication Login:  EuteliaVoip Telephone Number
Registration Timeout:  3600

Adobe Pacifica

Here are some quick facts about Adobe Pacifica:

  • Pacifica is built on top of the open standard SIP protocol.
  • The first mission is to maintain the highest quality voice experience possible, pushing the boundaries of the Flash Platform.
  • Right now, Pacifica enables point-to-point (P2P) transmission of the media channel once the connection is established via our servers.
  • They are dedicated to a complete P2P solution going forward, to eliminate the complex server back end and configuration needed with most VoIP technologies.

More info at http://www.flex888.com/531/what-the-facts-about-adobe-pacifica-project-etech.html

the switchboard browser / Java based softphone

the switchboard browser / Java based softphone only uses your internet connection and CPU when you are placing a call and their revenue streams will consist of advertising on the site, and licensing to other web sites, not utilizing your computer as a resource for other customers.

the switchboard will always be free for the individual user.


Tpad can be used with any VoIP Device (Softphone / IP Phone / ATA / WiFi Mobile) to make Low Cost or Free-Of-Charge International Calls anywhere in the World.

TalkinIP PAYG dial out outbound

TalkinIP enables you to make calls to locations worldwide at the absolute lowest rates.


You can use software on your computer or a SIP enabled device  (Asterisk, Trixbox, SIP Gateways, IAD, IP PBX) to place calls using the internet.


TalkinIP provides you outbound calling to US from 1.5 cents per minute and service to over 227 countries at very competitive international rates. 


Get started for as little as $15 prepaid credit. Your credit will never expire, so you can make calls next week or next year.


They even have howto setup documents  for PBXs and softphones