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yayyay payg voip, call forward, sip trunk and uk domain names

yayyay offer payg voip, call forward, sip trunk and uk domain names

and voip api access


timico voip

timico are a uk based company who can provide PBS, SIP and VOIP services
and the CTO has a great blog

cloud based mobile pbx

OnRelay have a cloud based mobile pbx that is designed for cellular networks. Its core component is OnRelay’s leading and patented MBX mobility server. MCX also embeds a complete open source software IP PBX (sipXecs). MCX works globally utilising existing GSM / 3G voice and data connectivity.

VOIPPIX discovers ELASTIX and VOIP over USB !

We have just discovered a VOIP distro that you can rent for £15/m from kimsufi & ovh called Elastix® !

ohloh stats suggest that the Elastix interface is mainly written in PHP and Elastix® even sell a VOIP over USB Elastibank™ Channel Bank allow you to connect to any Elastix® Appliance model via USB 2.0 eliminating the need for an intermediating PCI (the solution used by other channel banks).

Elastix® technology partners include aastra, atcom, openvox, redfone, sangoma and yealink !

There are even some Elastix videos on YouTube !