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international voip calls from the UK

If you have a UK landline try just http://www.just-dial.com

  • first call http://www.just-dial.com (084 4720 0990 for landlines in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~1p
  • first call http://www.just-dial.com (084 4904 0990 for mobiles in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~4p

If you have a UK three mobile phone try http://www.dialacode.com

  • dial the http://www.dialacode.com prefix (290429 for landlines in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~5p
  • dial the http://www.dialacode.com  prefix (290729 for mobiles in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~8p

Note : These prefixs sometimes change so check http://www.just-dial.com and http://www.dialacode.com sites for the correct prefix for your international destination and for latest prefix to use

google launch google voice in uk

goog have launched their  gchat gtalk gvoice service in the the UK so you can now make VOIP calls to any landline or mobile phone in the world from your browser (with Adobe Flash) running on WXP, WVS, Mac or GNU/Linux !

to get started you’ll need use gcheckout to buy a mininum topup of £10+20% VAT

  • calls to AUS are 2p/min
  • calls to UK 080 numbers are 7p/min

TalkinIP PAYG dial out outbound

TalkinIP enables you to make calls to locations worldwide at the absolute lowest rates.


You can use software on your computer or a SIP enabled device  (Asterisk, Trixbox, SIP Gateways, IAD, IP PBX) to place calls using the internet.


TalkinIP provides you outbound calling to US from 1.5 cents per minute and service to over 227 countries at very competitive international rates. 


Get started for as little as $15 prepaid credit. Your credit will never expire, so you can make calls next week or next year.


They even have howto setup documents  for PBXs and softphones