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wierd and wacky mobile tieups from @O2 and @THREE #mobile #mktg #tieup #mktgfail #mktgsuccess

wierd and wacky mobile tieups from @O2 and @THREE #mobile #mktg #tieup #mktgfail #mktgsuccess

im expect everyone was so sad when O2 cancelled their @boots @uppercrust @whsmith lunch deals and im sure people still love their still active @nero coffee and @pizzaexpress pizza

three have

but have you tried the three easyjet hand luggage tie up ?

Just drop your cabin bags at the dedicated easyJet Plus Bag Drop, stroll through security stress-free, and even board the plane early. Plus your cabin bags will be one of the first onto the carousel when you arrive at the other side.

You’ll get a special Three tote bag to take anything you need onto the plane, free of charge

and finally threes go-binge deal seems a bit pointless to me if you are already on their unlimited data plan

todays @three @huawei #homefi #mifi #wifi deals #mktg #prices

todays @three @huawei B311 Wireless Router #homefi #mifi #wifi deals

  • 1 month lock in 40G £60 upfront then £24
  • 12 months lock in 40G £0 upfront then £24
  • 24 months lock in 40G £0 upfront then £23

and for the next 2 days only

  • 24 months lock in UNLIMITED £0 upfront then £22


three mobile unlimited plan

three mobile unlimited SIM only plan

the monthly price automatically increases every year

each May, your Monthly Charge will increase by an amount up to the January RPI rate (published each February).

additional and extra charges

  • Calls to personal numbers (070), directory services and 09 (premium rate) are not included on your inclusive allowance.
  • Service numbers starting 084, 087 or 188 (Access charge set by us). Plus a Service Charge set by the company you are calling (they’ll tell you this). 55p per minute
  • UK Picture Messages: 55p
  • UK to international texts from: 35p
  • International to UK calls from: 3p per minute

and calling vietnam is expensive

but it does include GoRoam

with Go Roam you can use your data (up to a fair use limit of 19GB, 15GB on PAYG in Europe, and up to 12GB Around the World), call and text the UK at no extra cost. That means you can upload those beach selfies without worrying about loads of nasty roaming charges once the holiday is over. Plus, we’ve partnered with easyJet to let you go Hands Free and get treated like a VIP when you travel.

Go Roam in Europe covers 49 European destinations, while Go Roam Around the World covers 71 destinations worldwide.

and includes


If you go over our Fair Use data allowance of 15GB a month, data will cost up to 0.50p/MB except if you are roaming in the following countries in which case it will be 0.41p/MB: Aland Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, Norway, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

finally if you are already on three if you refer a friend via the link below you both get an amazon voucher


mobile data plans from @three 100G for £24 or UNLIMITED for £20 ! its a tough choice #mktg #fail

mobile data from @three 100G for £24 or UNLIMITED for £20 ! its a tough choice #mktg #fail

prices valid for the next 44 hours

unlike GIFFGAFF so called UNLIMITED plan the three plan ALLOWS tethering and there is no metion of bandwidth throttling after 20G

however three do charge a lot for 084 and 087 nums 55p / min plus service charges

screenshot_2019-01-26 three your basket

screenshot showing price increase from £20 to £24



what are your annual @giffgaff #mobile phone stats

what are your annual giff gaff stats ?

apparently i have

  • been a member / user for 1689 days
  • used 33G of data in 2018
  • used enough mins to have sung happy birthday 12479 times (!) in 2018
  • sent 3000 txts in 2018

note you’ll get free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers as long as you top-up at least £5 every 3 months.

Get a free giffgaff Sim

ofcom allows @three to merge spectrum

ofcom allows @three to merge spectrum


“UK Broadband requested a number of changes to this license concerning the lower frequency block (3605 – 3689MHz), including: shifting it down by 5 MHz, surrendering 4 MHz of spectrum in that block, and changing the applicable technical conditions,” Ofcom said in a statement.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Dual SIM 4G Android Smartphone

Looking for an android smartphone then you might like to consider the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Dual SIM 4G Android Smartphone


  • handles 128G microSD internally
  • handles 32G USB OTG FAT32 32K alloc size
  • handles 128G USB OTG exFAT


  • menu , home and back buttons are not illuminated
  • shows adverts every time you run memory clean