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cheap international phone calls to uae

if you want cheap international phone calls to uae why not use your existing tesco international calling app (@ 12p/min) before trying call2call, justcall, lyca, phoneclub, planettalk or vectone


smarty joins the UK MVNO crowd

smarty is the latest UK MVNO and currently offers unlimited calls and texts and 2G of data for £7.50 month but with a cashback for unused data and extra data at 1G for £1.25 it currently only works in the UK

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TPO @tpomobile @thepeoplesoperator the UK mobile network that gives you £5 cashback and 10% to charity

TPO the @tpomobile @thepeoplesoperator MVNO UK mobile network that gives 10% to charity and runs over the EE network

Wikipedia’s founder thinks that The People’s Operator (TPO), a British mobile-phone company, both makes business sense and can raise a lot of money for good causes. On January 20th, at DLD, a technology conference in Munich, Mr Wales said that he would join TPO as its co-chairman.

amazing @giffgaff mobile phone web control panel features for #pokemongo

amazing @giffgaff mobile phone web control panel lets you

  • change your number (one off)
  • disable all incoming and outgoing calls

perfect if you want to switch your SIM to data only so your kids can use it to play pokemon go and not make or receive any calls

Is 2000 min & 9G data for £18 #TGTBT ? YES they will disconnect you when tethering

Is the LycaMobile 2000 min & 9G data for £18 offer too good to be true ? Unfortunately YES they will disconnect you when tethering !


…Lycamobile reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the offer or to disconnect you if we suspect that offer is being used for commercial purposes, for conferencing, or if it is not being used in a handset (in a SIM box for example), if it is being used for tethering…

If you are not tethering then you may want to buy it !


For PAYG deals that DO allow tethering check out