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FON is being attacked on all three sides – by @BT, @VirginMedia as well as by itself #broadband #wifi #fail #ripoff

FON is being attacked on all three sides – by @BT, @VirginMedia as well as itself #broadband #wifi #fail

  • BT announced it will drop the word FON from all its hotspots by the end of the year
  • VirginMedia have announced everyones router will be PUBLICALLY enabled unless you OPT OUT by the end of this year
  • FON have CANCELLED all end user contracts and sales and support and now only deal with telcos

FON is refusing to refund ANY of its old customers sayings its T&Cs allow them to do this.

If you DONT want to share your your VirginMedia router you need to

  • TURN IT OFF immediately
  • call the VirgiaMedia OPTOUT team
  • WAIT 7 days

a workaround may be to switch your router into modem mode and BUY your own wifi router but it all depends on what the proprietary secret VIrginMedia router firmware actually does


084 and 087 numbers that are never free on BT !


Calls to 0844 and 0871 numbers are not included. Additionally, calls to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and dial-through and calling card access numbers are not included.