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new almost free uk 4G mobile phone network from @freedompop

almost free uk 4G mobile phone network from freedompop

£7 setup fee then 200 free minutes, 200 free texts plus 200MB of data

However after signup you must immediately DOWNGRADE your account to the 200+200+200 deal.

This email is to inform you that your data plan has been downgraded to the free 200MB plan. To review your account and all other plans and services click http://uk.freedompop.com/acct_dataplan.htm


international calls

If you have a UK landline try just http://www.just-dial.com

  • first call http://www.just-dial.com (084 4720 0990 for landlines in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~1p
  • first call http://www.just-dial.com (084 4904 0990 for mobiles in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~4p

If you have a UK three mobile phone try http://www.dialacode.com

  • dial the http://www.dialacode.com prefix (290429 for landlines in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~5p
  • dial the http://www.dialacode.com  prefix (290729 for mobiles in Turkey) before your international number and pay ~8p

Note : These prefixs sometimes change so check http://www.just-dial.com and http://www.dialacode.com sites for the correct prefix for your international destination and for latest prefix to use

some alternatives and replacements for m$ skype

here is a shortlist of some of the many alternatives and replacements that are available for m$ skype

“all-in-one” mobile solutions

fring + 4 way video over 3G
tango + video over 3G

viber android and ios voip app

voip sip mobile softphones

android 2.3.4 + built-in – wifi only
sipdroid + works over wifi and 3g

voip sip service providers

callcentric + free inum
ekiga + free STUN server
euteliavoip + free uk numbers
gradwell + smb & sme focused
ovh + just £1/m uk 01 or 02 number and unlimited uk 01 and 02 calls
sipgate + free uk 01 or 02 number
voipalot + clients for androids, mobiles, symbians and pc clients
voipbuster + clients for mobiles and pcs
voipfone + £1/m for uk 01 or 02 number

voip sip pc softphones

ekiga + floss
linphone + floss
twinkle + floss
CounterPath X-lite + mac and pc clients