#VDSL – its #ADSL but not #ADSL as we know it #broadband

#VDSL – its #ADSL but not #ADSL as we know it

VDSL offers speeds of up to 52 Mbit/s downstream and 16 Mbit/s upstream,[3] over a single flat untwisted or twisted pair of copper wires using the frequency band from 25 kHz to 12 MHz.[4] These rates mean that VDSL is capable of supporting applications such as high-definition television, as well as telephone services (voice over IP) and general Internet access, over a single connection. VDSL is deployed over existing wiring used for analog telephone service and lower-speed DSL connections.

This standard was approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in November 2001.

why not use the @toggle @onestream #adsl #broadband #fibre #switcher

why not use the @toggle @onestream #adsl #broadband #fibre #switcher ?


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is @virginmobile switching from @EE to @O2 or @vodafone ?

is virginmobile switching from @EE to @O2 or @vodafone ? confused ? you should be

apparently @virginmobile signed a deal with @vodafone for 2021 to 2026 but they have just announced they will merge with @o2 !

so potentially they will run two MVNOs with old customers moved to @vodafone and new customers setup on @o2


JITSI – Voice and Video Conferencing with true E2E encryption #videoconferencing #webconferencing #wfh

what is a MVNO ?

MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator

ofcom spectrum info

Lenovo Motorola moto one macro tethering issue

There seems to be a Lenovo Motorola moto one macro tethering issue if you are tethering multiple windows 10 pcs running virtualbox with multiple vms bridged over wifi.

Whilst bridging your vms means the moto will only see one mac address for both the vm host and vm guest i was surprised to see moto DHCP duplicating IP addresses across hosts.

Workaround tether your moto to a wifi router / extender (such as a NETGEAR PR2000) that has DHCP and then connect pc’s and vm’s to that .

Screenshot_2020-03-30 NETGEAR Router PR2000.png

What is Wi-Fi 6E ?

Why not watch the extremenetworks webinar

to find out about WiFi 6E

  • new superhighway for congestion-free traffic management (unlocked 6 GHz channels)
  • experience improvements for users
  • more bandwidth, wider channels & cleaner spectrum
  • performance benefits, including for high-density environments more flexibility & reduced interference in channel planning