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Microsoft says switch to @google #android or @apple #ios #mobiles as it prepares to kill off #windows phones

Microsoft recommends switching to @google #android or @apple #ios as it prepares to kill off Windows phones


the first rule of #bluetooth and #wi-fi are they dont work

the first rule of #bluetooth and #wi-fi are they dont work


  • devices will only pair 50% of the time


  • auto channel option is NOT it is random channel
  • when would you ever NOT want to split your 2.4G and 5.0G SSIDs ?
  • @tenda why do you not even give us an option to split SSID like @vodafone do
  • @google #chromecast why do you AUTO chose to transmit on SAME channel as home wi-fi thus killing all wi-fi devices in the same room
  • wi-fi repeaters NEVER work they often make network worse (think about it they are doubling / repeating the wi-fi traffic so are going to be at least 50% slower)

however perhaps someone can correct me on how wi-fi repeaters work

what are your annual @giffgaff #mobile phone stats

what are your annual giff gaff stats ?

apparently i have

  • been a member / user for 1689 days
  • used 33G of data in 2018
  • used enough mins to have sung happy birthday 12479 times (!) in 2018
  • sent 3000 txts in 2018

note you’ll get free calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers as long as you top-up at least £5 every 3 months.

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ofcom allows @three to merge spectrum

ofcom allows @three to merge spectrum

“UK Broadband requested a number of changes to this license concerning the lower frequency block (3605 – 3689MHz), including: shifting it down by 5 MHz, surrendering 4 MHz of spectrum in that block, and changing the applicable technical conditions,” Ofcom said in a statement.

goog #android micro sd card and usb #otg #storage issues #fail

has anyone else noticed that goog android has major micro sd card and usb otg storage issues / problems ?

well i have a Xiaomi Mi Redmi 5 and it certainly does ! the file manager doesnt even let you navigate to USB OTG

then you seem to have to go into every app and see if it has an option to use microsd instead of internal storage

well i am going to try a factory reset AFTER installing my SanDisk 128G microSD card to see if that improves things but the web gives you 20 different answers if this will help or not

lets see what happens