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iOS 12.4 has been on the streets for about a week now, and it’s now coming to light that there are six very good reasons to upgrade to it if you haven’t already. There are apparently six “zero interaction” vulnerabilities in iOS. Meaning that an attacker doesn’t need your help to take over your iDevice. […]

via If You Haven’t Updated To iOS 12.4 Yet, Here’s SIX Reasons Why You Should — The IT Nerd

the latest #androidwars #truths about android os from @huawei #opensource #freedom #freelibresoftware #truenotfake

the latest #androidwars #truths about android os from @huawei #opensource #freedom #freelibresoftware #truenotfake

most importantly Huawei will not let the US government destroy them

Huawei will continue to sell smartphones. Furthermore, we will continue to invest in research and development to deliver leading innovation and the best possible smartphone experience.

HMD Global NOKIA 5.1 6.1 7.1 8.1 mobile #androidone phones on Amazon @hmdglobal @nokia @amazonuk


HMD Global NOKIA 5.1 6.1 7.1 8.1 mobile #androidone (android 9) phones on Amazon @hmdglobal @nokia @amazonuk

dozens of (new) features just work (unlike many other android vendors)

  • amazon assistant
  • cardboard
  • photo blur (bokeh), slowmo, timelapse
  • custom desktop icon shape
  • google home with tune in “play kiss fm” “play smooth fm”
  • google lens

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