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NHS pagers save the UK taxpayer £6M a year

According to MSN the NHS are about to ban the use of their 130,000 pagers that cost over £6M a year to run, in fact the NHS have over 10% of the pagers in use in the world. But surely switching to mobiles would cost over £12M ?

goog #android security patch level goog play #playprotect

goog android security patch level goog play playprotect

to check your android security patch level goto

settings | about | android security patch level

to make sure you are using google play play protect make sure that you’re downloading all apps from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store. Google Play Protect, which scans all apps for malware before and after you install them

wierd and wacky mobile tieups from @O2 and @THREE #mobile #mktg #tieup #mktgfail #mktgsuccess

wierd and wacky mobile tieups from @O2 and @THREE #mobile #mktg #tieup #mktgfail #mktgsuccess

im expect everyone was so sad when O2 cancelled their @boots @uppercrust @whsmith lunch deals and im sure people still love their still active @nero coffee and @pizzaexpress pizza

three have

but have you tried the three easyjet hand luggage tie up ?

Just drop your cabin bags at the dedicated easyJet Plus Bag Drop, stroll through security stress-free, and even board the plane early. Plus your cabin bags will be one of the first onto the carousel when you arrive at the other side.

You’ll get a special Three tote bag to take anything you need onto the plane, free of charge

and finally threes go-binge deal seems a bit pointless to me if you are already on their unlimited data plan



it turns out the older (and less secure) standards are

  • WPA
  • TKIP

and that the newer (and more secure) standards are

  • WPA2
  • AES

so use WPA2+AES as the best choice if it is available on your mobile for tethering or mifi

thanks to

todays @three @huawei #homefi #mifi #wifi deals #mktg #prices

todays @three @huawei B311 Wireless Router #homefi #mifi #wifi deals

  • 1 month lock in 40G £60 upfront then £24
  • 12 months lock in 40G £0 upfront then £24
  • 24 months lock in 40G £0 upfront then £23

and for the next 2 days only

  • 24 months lock in UNLIMITED £0 upfront then £22