Monthly Archives: January 2010

PeekFON GPRS email

PeekFON is a complementary service to FON WiFi but it is not (yet) a WiFi product.

It is a GPRS mobile device that makes sure you get the most important piece of messaging, your email. Perfect for those moments when you can’t find WiFi.

Android 2.0.1

Android 2.0.1 is a minor platform release deployable to Android-powered handsets starting in December 2009.

This release includes minor API changes, bug fixes and framework behavioral changes. For information on changes and fixes, see the Framework API section.

Android Audio

Version 1.5 of the Android SDK introduced a bunch of cool new features for developers.

Though not as glamorous as some APIs, the new audio manipulation classes – AudioTrack and AudioRecord – offer powerful functionality to developers looking to manipulate raw audio.

4 iphones & 2 androids available in UK

Since Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone joined O2 in selling iphones in UK there are now four UK iphone networks to choose from and now 3 (three) have followed T-Mobile by launching a hero htc android phone ! However it comes at a price ! £35/m so if you just want Skype/VOIP you might prefer the 3 Nokia E63 for just £10/m and yo can add data for an extra £5/m !