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iNum stands for international Number.

It is a new kind of global phone number for a new kind of world — a world with a new geography that’s about local presence and global relationships, not about distance or national borders.

iNum is making use of the +883 global country code newly created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union).


OpenSky is a free service provided by Gizmo5 which allows any mobile phone, web browser or IP aware phone network (SIP, asterisk, etc) to communicate for up to 5 minutes with Skype users. OpenSky supports sending text messages and voice calls.

SIP peering

SIP Peering is the term given to agreement between VoIP Service Providers which enables the users of one service to call users of another. This is implemented by dialing a special prefix number and then the number of the receipitant (on the ‘other’ service). For example users can use the SipBroker’s White page prefixes to call anybody on other SIP networks.

Skype VOIP for SIP

Skype For SIP allows companies to use the Skype service with their IP-enabled PBXs, which use an open standard called SIP or Session Initiation Protocol. Companies using the service can make phone calls from their office phones to any regular phone or mobile phone at the same cheap rates that Skype’s consumer customers can.