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Free Text VOIP Phone Numbers

Free Text VOIP Phone Numbers

You can call the following VoIP numbers for free. From a softphone, just copy & paste the full SIP address (
From a hardware SIP adapter, copy & paste the full SIP address into your speed dial web page.

  • monkeys
  • music sip:*

The full list is available at

AsteriskNow & TrixBox on VMware fusion

Howto install AsteriskNow & TrixBox as MAC OS/X VMware fusion virtual machines / software appliances

First DO NOT choose RedHat at your guest OS or your VOIP PBX VM wont recognise the VMware SCSI disk ! You must choose RHEL5 as your guest OS so that scsi0.virtualDev = “lsilogic” is added to your guest VMX file. There’s the danger of Wizards for you !

Both AsteriskNow and Trixbox are based on CentOS 5 with linux kernel 2.6.18.

AsteriskNow has a GUI installer so you can replace the default LVM partitions with standard linux partitions if you wish.

TrixBox has a TEXT installer.