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Adobe Pacifica

Here are some quick facts about Adobe Pacifica:

  • Pacifica is built on top of the open standard SIP protocol.
  • The first mission is to maintain the highest quality voice experience possible, pushing the boundaries of the Flash Platform.
  • Right now, Pacifica enables point-to-point (P2P) transmission of the media channel once the connection is established via our servers.
  • They are dedicated to a complete P2P solution going forward, to eliminate the complex server back end and configuration needed with most VoIP technologies.

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VOIP prices from mobile or landline

nomi-mobile let you make international calls from your mobile and home phone at near VOIP prices !

Just replace your UK SIM with a £5 nomi SIM then buy a top-up (from any of the outlets below) and start making calls to other UK mobiles/landlines/etc @ 13p/min or to International destinations (for example calls to Turkey are only 5p min). You can also pre-dial the UK access number 080 0008 6805 from a UK landline and pay even lower prices ! There’s even a charity version of the SIM available !