Monthly Archives: April 2008

Nokia Gizmo for Sybian S60 BETA

The Nokia Gizmo for Sybian S60 BETA lets you start making internet calls and using instant messaging (IM) and Presence. After installing the application you will be able to create an account or use the existing Gizmo username and password. With a WLAN connection you can use the full set of features – and IM and Presence are available even when you are connected over 2G or 3G.

TalkinIP PAYG dial out outbound

TalkinIP enables you to make calls to locations worldwide at the absolute lowest rates.


You can use software on your computer or a SIP enabled device  (Asterisk, Trixbox, SIP Gateways, IAD, IP PBX) to place calls using the internet.


TalkinIP provides you outbound calling to US from 1.5 cents per minute and service to over 227 countries at very competitive international rates. 


Get started for as little as $15 prepaid credit. Your credit will never expire, so you can make calls next week or next year.


They even have howto setup documents  for PBXs and softphones

ONE free-of-charge DID

IPCOMMS are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied with their service, they are giving away one free number to show it.

You’ll need a static IP address and with their FREE-DID offer you will receive one US local number from one of over 5000 service locations along with 2 free ports.

They will deliver this number to your IP enabled device and allow unlimited incoming calls at NO CHARGE.

Free accounts do not support IAX or H323 protocols. For H323 and IAX support, refer to their IPDID Services


There is a Fedora VOIP SIG that aims to package as many Voice over IP applications as possible for Fedora. To that end, members will assist in packaging VoIP applications and make reviewing VoIP-related packages our priority.

Packages they are working on include asterix, openser and twinkle.