Monthly Archives: November 2007

Tesco VOIP softphone has extra features

The latest Tesco VOIP softphone (Build has some extra features such as Conference Calling and the following Outlook integration options !

  • Show Tesco Internet Phone toolbar in Outlook
  • Show Outlook contacts in list

You can call Tesco VOIP phones for FREE from other TESCO VOIP phones, Sainsbury’s VOIP phones or any other phones on the Freshtel VOICEDOT network !

MOBIVOX local world wide calls

MOBIVOX makes it possible to call family and friends around the world for a local call from ANY phone. Just call a local MOBIVOX number and say who you’d like to speak with. No calling cards and long numbers to remember. No need for a computer, special software or complex downloads.

Sainsbury's join Tesco VOIP and M&S GSM telcos

Sainsbury’s have just joined Tesco VOIP and M&S GSM telcos.

Sainsbury’s are currently undercutting Tesco USB VOIP phone by ¬£1 but are using the same Freshtel / Voicedot alliance infrastructure so that inter Sainsbury’s VOIP 2 Tesco VOIP and Tesco VOIP 2 Sainsbury’s VOIP calls are FREE !

Sainsbury’s and Tesco VOIP customers can also talk for FREE to Woolworths VOIP phones¬† !