Yeigo is yet another VOIP over Wi-Fi & 3G provider

Yeigo is an innovative application for your mobile phone which uses your phones internet connection, (dont worry, your phone has one) to offer you cut-price calls and SMS messages, and free instant messaging.

Got something to say? Talk whenever you want, for as long as you want: calls to other people using Yeigo are free, and youll save up to 80% on calls to those who dont have Yeigo. [Yeigo Rates]

Not in the mood to talk? Chat to other Yeigo users for free, as well as users of GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Jabber – right from your mobile phone. Also send SMS messages to anyone – for up to 90% less. [Yeigo Rates]

Make calls, chat and send SMSs to anyone, anywhere in the world quickly and easily whether you’re on the go, in the office, or relaxing at home.