Monthly Archives: October 2007

trixbox HUDlite dialer and presence viewer

trixbox  HUDlite is the most powerful desktop telephony convergence application available for trixbox PBX systems. HUDlite allows you to instantly see the status of all of the extensions within your organization, dial extensions by double clicking on them, and communicate efficiently with instant messaging.

Novell Teaming & real-time VOIP Conferencing

To deliver next-generation collaboration capabilities to our customers, Novell is adding two new products to its workgroup portfolio.

Novell Teaming and Novell Teaming & Conferencing

Real-time VOIP Conferencing No YES
Real-time Web Conferencing No YES

CallWeaver open source PBX software project

CallWeaver is a community-driven, vendor-independent, cross-platform, open source, PBX software project (formerly known as It was originally derived from Asterisk. Now it supports analog and digital PSTN telephony, multi-protocol voice over IP telephony, fax, software-fax, T.38 fax over IP and many telephony applications such as IVR, conferencing and callcenter queue management.

CallWeaver also has conference call capabilities

Yate – Yet Another Telephony Engine

YATE is a next-generation telephony engine; while currently focused on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and PSTN, its power lies in its ability to be easily extended. Voice, video, data and instant messaging can all be unified under Yate’s flexible routing engine, maximizing communications efficiency and minimizing infrastructure costs for businesses.

Yeigo is yet another VOIP over Wi-Fi & 3G provider

Yeigo is an innovative application for your mobile phone which uses your phones internet connection, (dont worry, your phone has one) to offer you cut-price calls and SMS messages, and free instant messaging.

Got something to say? Talk whenever you want, for as long as you want: calls to other people using Yeigo are free, and youll save up to 80% on calls to those who dont have Yeigo. [Yeigo Rates]

Not in the mood to talk? Chat to other Yeigo users for free, as well as users of GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Jabber – right from your mobile phone. Also send SMS messages to anyone – for up to 90% less. [Yeigo Rates]

Make calls, chat and send SMSs to anyone, anywhere in the world quickly and easily whether you’re on the go, in the office, or relaxing at home.

VOIP over Wi-Fi becomes reality in UK

FON and BT have partnered to create the BT FON Community to cover the entire U.K. with hundreds of thousands of BT FON hotspots. FON, the world’s largest Wi-Fi Community, and BT is one of the leading broadband providers in the world, and the birth of our BT FON Community means something uniquely special for broadband users in the U.K. and all over the world.

FON has now been integrated in BT and now more than more than 3 million Total Broadband customers are invited to join the enormous global community of people sharing their WiFi. FON equity investors include Excite, Google & Skype amongst others !

VOIP over Wi-Fi has now arrived in the UK as a viable mobile phone alternative !