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state of trixbox webinar

state of trixbox

With the highly anticipated launch of trixbox 2.2, we are hosting a webinar to update you on the state of trixbox.  Kerry Garrison & Andrew Gillis, your trixbox product and community managers (respectively) will present about:

* trixbox 2.2
* FtOCC (Fonality trixbox Open Communication Certification)
* trixbox Appliance shipment update
* Success stories of trixbox professional support
* Where we’re going…

The webinar is not only a chance for the trixbox community to be updated on recent trixbox product announcements, but to engage in an open dialog with the trixbox managers on the state of the trixbox. After the presentation, we will open up the lines for questions.

Join the webinar on Tuesday, May 15, 9AM PDT.

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