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# help-aah Commands Descriptions
config set the local time zone and keyboard type
netconfig configure ethernet interface
genzaptelconf autoconfig Zaptel cards
bundle-crm packup CRM to run on another box
restore-aah restore from a backup
install-ZAPHFC install HFC ISDN support using BRISTUFF
install-AVMB1ISDN install support for AVB B1 ISDN card
install-EiconDiva install support for Eicon Diva ISDN card
install-pdf installs support for emailing PDFs of faxes
passwd-maint set master password for web GUI
passwd-amp set password for amp only
passwd-meetme set password for Web MeetMe only
passwd set root password for console login
passwd admin set admin password for checking system mail
setup-cisco create a SIPDefault.cnf in /tftpboot
setup-dhcp set up a dhcp server
rebuild_zaptel rebuild zaptel driver after kernel update
asterisk -r Asterisk CLI
yum -y update Get latest patches for CentOS

Developer Toolkit

Desktop PC (ideally running a recommended Open Source Desktop Environment)

  • SSH client if not part of your OS (ie Cygwin X)
  • VMware Player
  • Ubuntu VM
  • Some SIP softphones
  • trixbox
  • iMac to play with while compiling
  • iTunes to listen to radioioambient in the background