the secret groupon complaint number is 020 3808 4038

the secret groupon complaint number is 020 3808 4038

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wifi the way it should be with gg wifi extra

if you have a giffgaff mobile be sure to install the giffgaff app and giffgaff wifi extra profile

gg wifi extra is amazing “its not just wifi its gg wifi”

its what wifi should have always been ie its a auto config and auto connect wifi that connects in mcdonalds AND the london underground with no user intervention

cheap international phone calls to uae

if you want cheap international phone calls to uae why not use your existing tesco international calling app (@ 12p/min) before trying call2call, justcall, lyca, phoneclub, planettalk or vectone

Best Buy In The US Dumps Huawei Phones

The IT Nerd

Both CNBC and CNET are reporting that Best Buy will be parting ways with Huawei and won’t be selling their phones in their stores. This comes after AT&T and Verizon backed away from dealing with the Chinese phone maker.

This continues a pattern of pressure from the US government to keep Huawei out of the market due to spying concerns. And you know that this will really hurt as Best Buy is everywhere in the US and not having access to their stores will make it difficult for Huawei to get any traction in the US. But it also brings up another question. Huawei has a presence in Canada both on the retail side, and with telcos buying their gear. One wonders if that will start to change if the US continues to go down this path.

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