apple get #backwards compatibility 10/10 #mktgsuccess #security #2FA

apple do get #backwards compatibility

they have added 2FA to icloud for imacs, ipads, iphones & macbooks but you can still login with 2FA even on an ipad MB292 (ipad2 ?) that is running ios 5.1.1

even though iOS 5.1.1GUI doesnt have a 2FA popup you can login BY APPENDING YOUR 2FA CODE TO YOUR ICLOUD PASSWORD

ie instead of “password” you just type “password123456”

also “Find My iPad” has been renamed “Find My” and now works with apple mobiles, notebooks & tablets

a #bank #debitcard & #mobile #sim combo ! from @tothemoonmobile

a #bank #debitcard & #mobile #sim combo ! from @tothemoonmobile

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i cant backup my @apple #iphone because of @apple @icloud #backup policies

i cant backup my @apple #iphone because of @apple @icloud #backup policies

when do apple think i would i want to do a backup ? wouldnt you think it would sensible to do a backup before a system update ! BUT NO apple backups may fail if you are not on the latest iOS release and give you a error msg saying

“this iphone cannot be backed up because there is not enough icloud storage available”

even if icloud itself says “7.5 MB of 5G used”

also check how many apps you have installed

apple backups will fail if you have > 5GB of apps since apple only allow you to backup 5GB for free (you have to pay an extra monthly charge to backup more)